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Welcome to Elevator History Project

The “Elevator History Project” (EHP) was born from the passion of the two curators for the world of elevators and for what this transport system has represented in the technological development of humanity.

The creator of the project, as well as curator of the website is Davide Biffi, who in 2021 was joined by Nicola Imbimbo, also curator of the project, who will be responsible for the development of the English part of the site in the future.

Without elevators there would be no buildings with more than 5 floors, mines would not have developed, and with them the extraction of minerals from the depths of the Earth. And finally, the steel wire ropes would not have been designed (invention attributed to William Albert, dated 1834 in a mine in Saxony).

This constantly expanding website, has the ambition to become the reference point for all those looking for the origins of this means of transport and related technological development.

It is a common space, in which all enthusiasts are invited to contribute, according to the information and documentation they have at their disposal, in order to pass on the knowledge and stories related to the world of lifts, escalators and other transport systems for automated vertical short-range travel distance.

If you have any documentation regarding the technique of elevators, such as projects of old lifts, drawings, manuals, signs, photos, videos, anecdotes, information about the historical companies that have disappeared, contact us and we will find a way to share them. We will clearly mention Your name as the provider of the information.

The website has no sponsorships or advertising banners, and is entirely based on the initiative of enthusiasts, led by the two curators of this virtual museum.

All donations in support of this initiative are clearly welcome.

Remember what is now old and in good condition (documents or material), in a few years it will be ancient and a source of study for children and grandchildren.

Have a nice visit to our virtual museum!

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